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Bemærk at nogle af rapporterne herunder er produceret før juni 2014, da vi hed World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Nu er vi World Animal Protection.

Handel med vilde dyr / eksotiske kæledyr

Cruel cures - The industry behind bear bile production and how to end it

Suffering in silence - Uncovering the cruely of the global trade in Ball pythons

Exploiting Africa's wildlife - the 'Big 5' and 'Little 5'

Trading cruelty - how captive big cat farming fuels the traditional Asian medicine industry

Trending: Otters as exotic pets in Southeast Asia and the online activity fueling their demise

Illegal online trade in endangered parrots: A groundbreaking investigation

Wild at heart - The cruelty of the exotic pet trade

Suffering at scale - pangolin poaching for the traditional medicine trade

Uncovering a secret slaughter - Suriname's jaguar trade exposed

Vilde dyr i underholdning

Behind the smile - The multi-billion dollar dolphin entertainment industry

The show can't go on - end the suffering of wild animals at cruel visitor attractions in zoos and aquariums

The case against marine mammals in captivity

Associated with cruelty - How travel trade associations are ignoring wild animal abuse

Wildlife abusement parks – Wildlife tourism entertainment in Bali, Lombok and Gili Trawangan

A close up on cruelty - The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon

Taken for a ride – The conditions for elephants used in tourism in Asia

The true cost of the world’s most expensive coffee

Checking out of cruelty – how to end wildlife tourism’s holiday horrors

Tiger selfies exposed – A portrait of Thailand’s tiger entertainment industry

Breaking Africa’s elephants – Exposing the rise of cruel tourist rides

Breeding cruelty – How tourism is killing Africa’s lions

The show can’t go on – Ending wild animal abuse for entertainment

Wildlife on a tightrope – An overview of wild animals in entertainment in Thailand

Spøgelsesnet i verdenshavene

Ghosts beneath the waves - 2nd Edition


The Pecking Order 2020 - How most global fast-food companies still ignore the suffering of chickens in their businesses

Valuing higher welfare chicken - Making the financial case for more humane chicken production

Pork and the superbug crisis – How higher welfare farming is better for pigs and people

A Pig’s Tale – Exposing the facts of factory farming

Exposing the secret suffering of chickens farmed for meat

The Case Against Cages: Why Cage-free Systems are Better for Laying Hens

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