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Bemærk at nogle af rapporterne herunder er produceret før juni 2014, da vi hed World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Nu er vi World Animal Protection.

Vilde dyr i underholdning

Wildlife abusement parks – Wildlife tourism entertainment in Bali, Lombok and Gili Trawangan

A close up on cruelty - The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon

Taken for a ride – The conditions for elephants used in tourism in Asia

The true cost of the world’s most expensive coffee

Checking out of cruelty – how to end wildlife tourism’s holiday horrors

Tiger selfies exposed – A portrait of Thailand’s tiger entertainment industry

Breaking Africa’s elephants – Exposing the rise of cruel tourist rides

Breeding cruelty – How tourism is killing Africa’s lions

The show can’t go on – Ending wild animal abuse for entertainment

Wildlife on a tightrope – An overview of wild animals in entertainment in Thailand

THE CASE AGAINST Marine Mammals in Captivity


A Pig’s Tale – Exposing the facts of factory farming

Exposing the secret suffering of chickens farmed for meat

The Case Against Cages: Why Cage-free Systems are Better for Laying Hens

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